Can you help?

If you can help in any way, have any fund raising suggestions or any contacts with companies or organisations who might be able to help us with sponsorship, fountain design, manufacture or installation, please leave a reply below and share your ideas.  If you’d prefer to offer help less publicly, please e-mail us at victoriafountain

3 thoughts on “Can you help?

  1. What about getting your campaign up and running on face book? That way, it would reach more people quickly, and if people click like and share, you’ll get even more publicity. You could advertise your postcards and teatowels on there as well, including places where you can buy them.
    You could see if the English Muse on newland Ave , would display any relevant artwork and maybe sell postcards from there
    How about Christmas cards ?

  2. Thanks for your suggestions Debbie. One of our members is in the process of setting up a Facebook page and we’ll follow up on your other suggestion and make enquiries about the grant which Ella Street obtained. Our next meeting is on Monday 20th January and you’d be very welcome if you’d like to come along. Time and venue details are on the What’s New page.

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