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If you have any questions or suggestions – fountain related only please! – that you’d like others to comment on, leave a reply below and watch for the responses.

5 thoughts on “Questions or Suggestions

  1. Someone might like to find out about the fountain that appeared in Boulevard a couple of years ago. (A copy of the two Avenues ones).

    1). What did it cost?
    2). Main materials of construction? Suspect it might be fibreglass.
    3). Who the main supplier / contractor was?
    3). How did the planning process / permission work?
    4). Who was the main “driving” force that made it happen?
    5). Where did the funding come from? It was said that money that the insurers paid for the damage to the Park Ave fountain wasn’t entirely spent and might be drawn on.

    The moulds that made the Boulevard one should still exist reducing the cost of another significantly.

  2. Thank you for your questions Mr Ruddiforth – here are our answers:
    1) We have been told that the Boulevard fountain cost £125,440 plus the cost of installation (we don’t know how much extra that was).
    2) It’s made of cast iron
    3) The supplier was Durham Foundry, based in Sheffield
    3) Planning permission was granted as part of the Regeneration Scheme for the Boulevard Conservation Area.
    Informal advice we have received indicates that there will be no problem obtaining planning permission to reinstate a fountain on Victoria Avenue.
    4) The driving forces were Hull City Council’s Regeneration Team and the Townscape Heritage Initiative.
    5) We believe that it was funded by Hull City Council’s St. Andrew’s Regeneration Budget, topped up by Townscape Heritage Initiative monies.
    We too have heard that the insurance money for the Park Avenue fountain wasn’t entirely spent and we have enquired into the possibility of it being made available to us, but so far we have been unable to find out what happened to the surplus and whether it is still available at all.
    The moulds used to make the Boulevard fountain do still exist and are now owned by Durham Foundry – the quote for £165,000 which we received from them was based on using the existing moulds.

  3. Hi

    My name is Ian Spencer and I live in the beautiful Avenues. My idea for fund raising is to produce a series of post cards and various sizes of photographic prints depicting the Avenues area. I think that a series of Victorian images would be popular not just to residents of the Avenues but also to visitors. I also think a new series of images depicting the Avenues as they are now showing of the beauty of the area would be popular.

    I’m willing to help out with producing new images as I’m a professional photographer, and would enjoy retouching a series of Victorian Images, but unfortunately I don’t have access to any original Victorian images.

    I would love to help out and would be happy to meet up with anyone who could supply some Victorian images.

    I can be contacted by email –

    Or message me on my Face book page – Ian Spencer Photography

    Kind regards

  4. Hi,

    I was just wondering how the fundraising for the fountain is progressing and when the next meeting is to be held?

    Kind regards

  5. Hi Lucy, thank you for your interest. We have raised almost £14,500 so far and if you’d like to hear more about our plans you’d be very welcome to come to our next meeting, which will be held at 92 Victoria Avenue at 6.30pm on Thursday 4th July.

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