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2020 Update to the section below

Since conducting the survey below and deciding to have the fountain carved in marble, we recently made contact with Lost Art Limited (Cast Iron Specialists who carried out the stunning cast iron restoration in Pearson Park) who have given us what we think is an affordable quote for manufacturing the new fountain in cast iron.  Cast Iron was always our first preference of material and we are delighted that it looks as if we can afford it!

In June 2015 we surveyed 358 households in and around Victoria Avenue and received 168 responses.  Of the people who responded, 99% wanted a fountain reinstated and 96% agreed that carved marble is our best option.

We are very grateful to everyone who took the trouble to give us their views.  If you missed our collections or we missed you when we delivered the forms and you would still like to give us your views, please read the information below and vote here online

We’d like to know how people feel about the idea of reinstating the Victoria Avenue fountain and we’d be grateful if you could answer the following questions.  After making your selections, you need to click the ‘vote’ button or your vote won’t be registered. You can use the ‘View Results’ button to see what other people think.  

Thank you.

Below are quotes we have obtained for the supply and installation of a working fountain which will be a replica of the original which was removed in the 1920s

Material Cost (including installation)
Bronze              £155,500
Cast Iron              £234,000
Stone (carved marble)               £87,750

After much consideration and discussion, we feel that a carved marble fountain is the best option for the following reasons:

  • Marble is extremely durable and requires virtually no maintenance – unlike cast iron which would require regular rust treatment and re-painting
  • Damage to marble can be repaired easily by a stonemason
  • Marble obviously isn’t vulnerable to metal theft – a particular problem with bronze!
  • It is significantly cheaper than the other options

We have to provide evidence to Hull City Council that we have carried out a local consultation about our plans.  For that purpose, please could you give us your name and address.  Your details will only be given to the Council and will not be passed on to any other person or organisation

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