In the early 1900’s ‘the Avenues’ area of Hull had fountains at six of its road junctions. At various times and for various reasons, all but one of the fountains were removed.

By the 1970’s there were just two surviving fountains, one on Westbourne Avenue and one on Park Avenue. In 1975, to mark European Heritage Year, both fountains were renovated, with support from the Avenues Residents Association.

In 1996 the Park Avenue fountain was hit by a car and was so seriously damaged that it had to be removed.  It was replaced in May 2001 by a modern replica of the original.

Park Avenue fountain 1904

Westbourne Avenue fountain 1904



The pictures on the right and below show the original (matching) fountains on Park and Westbourne Avenues in 1904.













The picture below shows the original fountain at the junction of Victoria Avenue and Salisbury Street which was similar, but not identical, to those on Park and Westbourne Avenues.

Victoria Avenue fountain 1904

The final picture on this page shows (in black & white for comparison) how the Victoria Avenue junction looks now.

For additional pictures, including colour pictures of the current fountains on Westbourne and Park Avenues, have a look at our Picture Gallery.