About us

Victoria Fountain is a Registered Charity (Registration No: 1169307) which is fund-raising and campaigning for the reinstatement of a working fountain on the junction of Victoria Avenue and Salisbury Street in Hull.   You can contact us by email at victoriafountain 2011@yahoo.co.uk

In the late 1890s and early 1900’s a three-tiered fountain used to sit on the roundabout at the junction between Victoria Avenue and Salisbury Street – see picture below.

Victoria Avenue fountain 1904

Some people think it disappeared after a car crash, but it’s possible this story is being muddled with the Park Avenue fountain, which was definitely involved in a collision.

Others believe the roundabout was taken away to allow easier access for drivers, but when they started travelling at speed, the roundabout was reinstated without the fountain.

Hull City Council says records are not kept that far back, but that the fountain was probably removed some time in the 1920s or 1930s.

Fountains were, and still are, a significant and attractive feature of Hull’s ‘Avenues’ area and we would like to see a fountain reinstated at the Victoria Avenue/Salisbury Street junction.

There is additional detail about the ‘Avenues’ fountains on the History page of this website and there is even more detail on Paul Gibson’s website at http://www.paul-gibson.com/history/fountains.php

Our research suggests that a new fountain won’t be cheap. We have been quoted a figure in excess of £200,000 to install a fountain identical to those on Westbourne and Park Avenues.  The original Victoria Avenue fountain didn’t match those on Westbourne and Park Avenues and we have looked into the possibility of having a replica of the original, which is slightly simpler and will be significantly cheaper.

The Council is unlikely to help with the cost and we therefore appear to have quite a fundraising task.  If you have any ideas for fundraising, please post them on the ‘Discussion’ page or email your ideas to victoriafountain2011@yahoo.co.uk

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